San Francisco Based/West Coast/LA/NY


—  Go ahead, judge me by the company I keep.

I do this:
Senior Photo Stylist, Photo Art Director, Prop Stylist, Editorial, Social Media, Advertising, Visual Story Teller, Brand Muse, Production Artist, Illustrator, Writer, Creative Problem Solver for Clients Big and Small.
:) ANA
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Loni Booker

Photo Art Director

"Ana is an incredible artist and talented craftsman. She is an absolute beacon of positive energy, creativity, and professionalism. She is a necessity on any creative set and we hope to keep her on roster as one of our priority Stylist in the Bay Area!"


Senior Photographer

"An exceptional Stylist and savvy communicator. Ana is a virtuoso in the creation of brands. Her discerning eye, resourcefulness and quick thinking make her an outstanding curator of brand presence in the multi-channel digital world."

Matthew K Dunn

Senior Photographer 

"Along with her positive attitude and strong work ethic, Ana continuously and consistently brings an unmatched creative spirit to set everyday. Compelled to create, working with Ana is both easy and exciting. I would recommend Ana time and time again."

John Klein

Freelance Photo Art Director

"I had the luxury of working with and meeting Ana, while consulting at Coldwater Creek. Ana, is one of the most naturally creative people I have ever worked with. She can always add to any creative brief that is thrown her way. It is a real plus working with someone who can inhance your creative vision. I will continue calling on Ana when I need a strong out of the box creative stylist that is very sweet and hard working."

Frank Gaglione

Owner, Frank Gaglione Photography

"Working side by side with Ana on several long term projects has been nothing short of a pleasure on a professional, creative and personal level. Her creative reserves are endless and she cares to do what is fresh and inspired, offering her unique artistic vision. I'm looking forward to the next collaboration Ana."

Alex Healy


"Ana is that rare trifecta of talent. She's exceptional at what she does, lightning fast and a lovely person to be around. Her attention to detail is unmatched. Her creative approach expands all the way into her problem solving skills. And she's sweeter than strawberry rhubarb pie! My recommendation is to hurry up and book this woman."

Chris Farrar

Senior Photographer 

"Ana is an extreme creative talent. Seeing her smile and passion everyday for her work is a joy to watch. I've had the honor of working with her for over 2 years on catalog, web, and special projects. She has the innate ability to create timeless original work with a positive light. I am deeply dedicated to her for transforming my work over the years. Thank you Ana for your expertise and professionalism."

Rob Brodman

Owner, Rob Brodman Photography

"Working with Ana is a complete joy. She brings a fun energetic attitude with her to the set. When she's working her creative thoughts stream out of her and on to the props or product as she lays them out thinking composition and form. It doesn't matter if it's jewelry, bags, blouses or food. All of it ends up as different compositional elements, colors and textures. She sees things differently! She has an infectious smile and a depth of knowledge about a ton of esoteric subjects to keep you entertained throughout the shoot."