Summer Musings

 The sun shining later into the evening. Winter coats migrating to the back of your closet. Rolling down  your windows for your late afternoon commute…

That’s IT! I can’t wait any longer. Let’s talk about the “S” word… no, not that one the other one! The one on the horizon, the one playing in the edges of the surf,  the corners of everyone's mind. The one between your toes, like sand...the one between your thoughts, like laughter and shared conversations someplace warm...


We are blessed.  - “This Season has been ALL gift. All learning. All exploring. All Crews moving collectively. New possibilities and solutions, the strict definitions of what a brand can and cannot do are evolving, becoming more fluid. Both my Styling and my Art Directing are blending and merging in innovative and surprising ways.” - Ana

I’m glad you're here.

Summer as I’ve seen it, This season be on the lookout for:  Soft Pop, Deep Summer, Eco Active, and Past Modern.

Soft Pop

Soft Pop, is a lot of what you're seeing pre-season...pastel palettes with pops of bright colors. It’s a soft power, creative mix for the senses. Social media channels and fashion bloggers do this look well. Soft Pop invites you in and then surprises you with a jolt.  

Deep Summer

Deep Summer might be my favorite. It’s a strange beauty. Atmospheric. Ephemeral. Refined and darkly compelling. Like a visual portrait. It’s blues, and greens, patterns that you want to climb into. Stay in. Play in. Design in general is following suit here, it’s a treat to see how all the artisans roll now into the tangible.

Eco Active

Eco Active, to describe this...The story of our world is both natural and (wo)manmade. Here I’ve been seeing alternative design solutions. Basic needs applied as an equation. Reuse, reinterpret, refine. There is this movement of the people, the makers, for example weaving traditions now done with progressive synthetic fibers. Alot of folks asking themselves how they can make it better, what difference they can make in design. How to produce without harm. Something functional, strong, multi purpose and beautiful. Something that lasts. San Francisco is a hotbed for this kind of industry. I am inspired by all the root efforts here, the combined grace of a mass of like minded folks. Breathtaking and really decent. I’ve been known to give some time here and there to these folks. Teach what I know. I always walk away feeling like I got more than I gave. Generous kind warm hearts. An abundance of smiles.

Past Modern

Past this style the old and the new form an unlikely partnership. There's romance and opulence, nostalgic textiles like velvet and lace. Reinvented wearable sculpture by old designers and new. I got to peek at some photographs of Chanel's Spring/Summer line awhile back. This might be the best example for a quick overview. The construction, like oval absolutely wearing art. Becoming art, being art, but a piece that isn’t defined by a time (not yet anyway). I have a Jr Stylist I work with named Kat, she would put me under the table here with the proper descriptions, and an unparalled enthusiasm for the trade.



Adding to the list of what my hands have touched this season. Sand, sausage, and sequins. Fennel and ferns. Sunflowers, sandals and surfboards. Tech gear, and a folk art collection that made me tear up. Leather and lattice. Creamsicles, cantaloupes, and one fickle canary. Prickly Pears and eco purses. Denim and drawstrings. India Inks, Turkish Towels and a formidable collection of wooden mens pipes. I suppose with all those dapper haircuts, it's to be expected that pipes might not be far behind.

I’m starting my Summer Set playlist...I can tell you this RIVKA - Swim High is track number one. Most likely followed by Poolside’s Harvest Moon. Time to put my feet up.

Happy Summer everyone.



Ana Monfort