My Hands Have Touched ~ Ana Monfort

By Mid-Summer my hands have touched all washes of denim, bikinis, monokinis, sunglasses and shore bird skeletons. Powdery white egyptian beetles, a pile of wooden logs to and fro, a large bowl filled with old matchbooks, mens’ boots, vintage Fillmore posters, purple ribbons,  spools of colorful carnival tickets, air plants with pink flowers and vanilla beans from three countries. Soft flannels and one Hermes basketball (yeah), Farmbox fruits and vegetables, my oldests new golden hair as she fell asleep on her first trip back home since venturing out into the world. Guideboat Companies beautiful garments and labels, a couple dozen times holding the hand of a badass and beautiful photographer Kelly Puleio as she climbed in and out of set, a collection of 45’s that made my eyes tear with how well they’ve been kept. Endless flowers, and a baker's dozen of the heaviest rugs I’ve ever moved around, tropical drinks and garnishes, technical fabric from Sweden (those swedes, why are they so darn good at everything),  cosmetics, perfume bottles and antique snowshoes. Three ostrich eggs and a one young Ostrich, who didn’t have a name yet so I called him ‘Pickle”, and of course my dog Lily (although now she likes under the chin scratches the best).

PS) My feet have touched large scale framed canvases, fairy christmas lights, and soft pj’s and slippers. Styling with my tootsies, my hands were busy balancing...thank you Benta.


Ana Monfort