Got Denim?

You had me at Denim.


Let’s talk about Jeans. Here’s what I can tell you about what I’ve learned.  Cinch and Chain stitch, Enzyme wash, Honeycomb, Indigo, Kitty whiskers, Loop dying, Ring spun and Rivet. Rope dying, Sandblasting, Sanforized, Selvedge, Coin pocket, Buttons and Belt loops. Yoke, Back yoke, Stonewash, Warp and Weft, Ounce, 3/1 Weave, 3D Effect and Bartack.

Abrasion, Baking process, Breaks & Repairs, Yarn count and Left hand twill. Tripple needle stitched, Unwashed, Tagging and Sponge effect. Super stone wash, Rubber ball treatment, Spinning and Scraping. Resin, Right hand twill, sanforization, Pressing and Prototype. Quality control, Random wash, PP Spray (not what it sounds like), Pocket bags (exactly what it sounds like) Ha.

Ozone, Open end denim, Moustache (Male Whiskers), Marble wash, Low impact, leg opening and Broken Twill. Cast, Coating, Brush and Carding. Cotton gin, Cutting, Dips and Dirt effect. Double Needle Stitch, Ecru, Elastane (sneaky devil), Fabric mill and Fibre. Flat Finish, Ginning, Grinding and Hand Scraping. Ice blast (and dare I add…) Acid wash. Boom.

Inch, Inseam, Laser, and Indigofera (my favorite). J&J (you know who and what you are). Lastly, Fly, Dry, Drill, and Dye.

We haven’t even started on Fits yet. Got Denim? Call me up.

Big Smile,



Ana Monfort